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May 2, 2023

Product Designer, Leader, and Writer based in San Francisco, CA

portrait of John Wayne Hill, a white male with brown hair and a long beard in a black button down shirt with an off-white background
Portrait of John Wayne Hill

John Wayne Hill is a San Francisco-based Design Leader with over 15 years of experience in leading teams and products. With a passion for contributing to product designs, setting vision, and helping teams execute best-in-class experiences across various platforms, John Wayne has worked in diverse roles throughout his career. Discover more about his designer leadership work, his individual contribution work, and his coaching work.

Designer Leadership

John Wayne Hill has consistently focused on leading teams and people while directly contributing to design work. He excels in collaborating with product and engineering partners to deliver exceptional experiences to users worldwide. His approach to leadership involves fostering a highly collaborative and inclusive working environment.

Individual Contribution

With over a decade of experience in design agencies, John Wayne has designed for nearly every platform imaginable. He enjoys working at the intersection of leadership and direct contribution, executing design, strategy, vision, and operations with a true "Work Out Loud" mentality.

Design Coach

In addition to his experience leading teams, John Wayne also serves as a Design Coach, helping designers and new leaders reach their full potential. He believes in the power of reflection, honest feedback, and creating opportunities for growth. As a coach, John Wayne aims to help you navigate the challenges of being a new leader or manager and grow into the designer or leader you want to be.

Versatile Designer

As a results-driven product designer based in San Francisco, John Wayne Hill has a proven track record of execution, direction, and leadership. He excels at collaborating with cross-functional and executive partners to develop and improve products through breakthrough innovation and experimentation. His experience spans various industries, platforms, and experiences, allowing him to adapt to new challenges and provide top-notch solutions.

Principles & Approach

Collaborative Approach

John Wayne firmly believes that collaboration is the key to creating successful products. By working closely with teams and partners, he ensures that all perspectives are considered, and the best possible outcome is achieved. He enjoys brainstorming, discussing ideas, and embracing an open and inclusive working environment.

Customer-Centric Design

John Wayne's design process is deeply rooted in empathy for the customer. By immersing himself in their point of view, he can better understand their needs and create experiences that resonate with them. He works within constraints and business goals to create directionality that adapts as new information becomes available.

Adapting to Ambiguity

John Wayne thrives in ambiguous situations and has a knack for delivering best-in-class customer experiences both in the short term and the long term. By thinking holistically and being open to change, he can make better decisions and bring others along to ensure proper consideration and collaboration.

Passion for Growth and Learning

John Wayne is always eager to learn and grow, both as a designer and as a leader. He is committed to staying current with industry trends, exploring new tools and techniques, and constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible. By continuously seeking opportunities to learn, he can ensure that his work remains fresh, relevant, and impactful.

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